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Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Polar FS3

Polar FS3 Heart Rate MonitorJust what is the best heart rate monitor watches? Well it depends on where you got your source, each one will regard their products as the best and the top among the running and other sports watches. But what is it for the consumer? If it’s for quality, how are they going to choose which is the top running watch available in the market? There are several factors to consider when buying one. It will depend upon the type of training and kind of sports the buyer will use it for. And perhaps the most important aspect is the price. How much is the person willing to pay for it?

To be able to quantify a workout, heart rate monitors are a must. First, you must be able to know if you are maintaining your heart rate at the best suited intensity of a run. The suggested intensity for a minimum of 20 minutes is 85% of the maximum heart rate. Therefore, a watch with an hrm will show you the ideal level of the exercise.

The 3 Basic Heart Rate Monitor Groups

Basic Heart Rate Monitors

These are very simple to use because they do not have all the fancy features that will worry beginners. The simple functionality of measuring the heart rate is all that it can do. It comes with chest strap and transmits the data to the wrist watch.

Advanced Heart Rate Monitors

If you rather have a unit with several functions, then this is the one for you. They come with customized programs that tailor your workout to match your personal goals. The “Own Zone” feature allows you to manage a target rate zone and notifies you whenever the target had been reached. Losing weight? The calorie counter will display the number calories burned. Other models are specialized with codes to avert any interference from other runners or athletes that are in the vicinity. This is useful when you are working out in an indoor facility like a gym.

Semi-Pro Heart Rate Monitoring

Although the price tag is more costly, they do come with many more useful functions capable of calculating oxygen intake, compute the respiratory rate and determine the vo2. Athletes use it to measure their endurance. The other features include, altimeters, temperature gauges and barometers.

So, now you know what type of heart rate monitor you will need. Among the most popular top running watch units are the

Polar FS3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch and the Timex Ironman T5J985

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