404 Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor: Grey Pepper and Pink Fizz

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor

Grey Pepper and Pink Fizz

Polar F11 grey pepperFrom the moment he laid his eyes on the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Grey Pepper)
, Dad simply adored it. In due time he discovered most of its superb and top of the line functions. Still a regular exercise buff even past his mid-forties, it was indeed good that Dad got to replace his old and cumbersome heart rate monitor with a new and awesome one.

I remembered that day when my younger sister was literally jumping with joy upon the arrival of her Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor packages. She had excitedly announced about the newest addition to her fashion accessories and top running watches. In fact she loves the product so much that she purchased two units from among the three colors category — Grey Pepper and Pink Fizz. She included in her order the former and decided to surprise Dad with it.

She said that the understated pink color had such a great cosmetic appeal to her and I knew how much she loves cool pastel tones. She enthused that other than possessing attractive features, the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor is the best rated heart rate monitor brand in the market. Likewise, the watch’s claim to fame is its ability to accurately generate figures for calories burnt and fitness level utilizing only the heart rate.

I did borrow Dad’s Polar F11 from time to time and I found out that as a one among the top running watches brand this one also comes with other nifty perks like fitness level assessment utilizing age, weight and resting heart rate as basis.  A person does biologically burn fewer calories as they go along the work out more, but through its adaptive measurement the watch can keep track of this, and thus keep the level of exercise at  its most consistent. Polar in general employed this as their main and heavily marketed feature.

Polar F11  Pink FizzIn comparison to other heart rate monitor and top running watches, the device is designed around the trend where the individual physical characteristics can determine the efficiency and safe level modes for physical training. It invariably is a tool where one is enabled to conduct more efficient exercise routines. The workout progress will be accurately gauged and more visible results are achieved without the guesswork. It is also useful for monitoring some exercises that doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the routine.

The heart rate monitor watch has been kinda like a custom personal trainer on theirs and at times on my wrists too. I bet the Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor did get all of us a step ahead of the game…

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