404 Swimming Heart Rate Monitor: The Suunto T3C Sporty Red | A Runner's Review

Swimming Heart Rate Monitor: The Suunto T3C Sporty Red

Fitness Trainer For Women

Suunto TC3 redAlong the vast range of products specifically for swimming heart rate monitor and likewise a  top running watch, my choicest preference is Suunto t3c. I use it extensively for my sports and recreational swimming for very good reasons. Enthusiasts, like me who wants to check and analyze their heart rate, caloric burn, and other cardiovascular workout data abhor the idea of using a jumble of electrodes, complex equipment, and a fitness trainer. These could actually be an ideal training range to put under scrutiny my energy outflow and physical exertion thereby preventing me from actually overdoing my workout and damaging my muscles in consequence. But today, for all my workout essentials all I need is a Suunto t3c.

Compared to other HRMs the Suunto t3c can perform well in doing my routinary exercise in the pool as it is water resistant up to100 feet. It also provides me with an extremely accurate and actual training data based on my personal fitness level and performance capabilities.

Suunto also never fails to pair good looks and functionality together. Among the five range of colors, I chose Black Polish because I found it marvelously sleek in appearance, its profile functions are discrete yet its display options are undeniably impeccable. The product itself has a variety of attractive colors ranging from Brown, Deep Green, Black and Sporty Red. Some of the color range stocks though are existing at a limited number in Amazon at this time.

For my best female fitness partner, I gave her the Suunto t3c Sporty Red which I discovered was just perfect for gifting, because she received it with much enthusiasm and recognized it as a  the top running watch. And why not? The product is fashioned for better quality fit and comfort giving it a more feminine texture but enhances her performance edge in real time training attuned to the physiological needs of her body.

What’s more Suunto’s wide variety of features include a Comfort Heart Rate Belt, so comfortable it is even hardly noticeable. The memory contained in the Comfort Belt provides the proper interfacing of workout, which allow us to select the workout activity logs that need to be deleted when the watch reaches its 15-log memory volume. The watch also offers interference-free digital ANT transmission, where my heart rate monitor works in tandem with the HR belt. Finally, the t3c has a training logbook that digitally collects my progress and other personal data statistics. I can even manage a more thorough evaluation of my workouts by using the Suunto Training Manager Lite software.

In maximizing fitness preference, whether on the pool with my Suunto t3c acting as my handy and personal swimming heart rate monitor, runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, and anyone getting into shape can benefit greatly from the this top running watch model. For more reviews on the Suunto t3d Women’s Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Training Watch (Sporty Red)

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