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Polar Running Watch Review: The RS800 CX GPS Watch

Polar Running Watch Reviews: RS800CX GPS

Polar running watch reviews often highlight the Polar Running Watch: RS800CX GPS , that stylish GPS (Global Positioning System)-enabled top running sports watch.

Casual and serious runners alike find this top running watch model useful in improving their workouts. Amateur and professional athletes who are more meticulous with training data have given their nods in favour of the RS800CX.

The Polar RS800CX is sleek (2.23 x 2.3 inches), lightweight (35 ounces) and waterproof up to 20 meters. The watch is powered by a lithium battery that can last for a year.  Other running watches use AA alkaline batteries that are good for only 10 hours.

Its transmitter provides instant, continuous and reliable data such as speed, location and heart rate in addition to GPS navigational data such as the time, location and direction. You can upload your workout information from the Polar running watch to your computer for storage and analysis.

It also has an altimeter that records your ascents and descents to provide you with altitude data.


For me, aside from G3 GPS, the more prominent features of this Polar running watch are its S3 foot pod and heart rate monitor (HRM). The S3 foot pod measures stride length and cadence, then translates them to speed and pace. Its base-clip enables it to stay put when attached to your shoe lace. With the S3 foot pod or the G3 GPS sensor, the RS800CX provides you with vital information about your workout. The heart rate monitor is more comfortable to wear because it uses a fabric strap.


So far, I have noticed a few adverse comments on the RS800CX: It has no mapping directions, the display is rather small and the software program is limited, compared to other workout programs. For the novice of sports watches, this model is too sophisticated.

Still,  this Polar running watch review indicates that people who are more serious with their sport will find this top-of-the-line running watch model just right for their needs.

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