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Reviews of Heart Rate Monitor Watches: Omron 100C

Heart Rate Monitor

I was about to buy one, so I decided to look into heart rate monitors (HRM)  first and have some basic knowledge about the product and the underlying  options especially among top running HRM watch models.

A heart rate monitor is a device used to keep track of the number of beats per minute (BPM) of your heart. This equipment which has risen in popularity since the 1990’s offers the best way to monitor your heart’s BPM while you are exercising to burn fat and lose weight. You could also use it while working out to build muscles or training to reach your peak performance in a sport. The reason for monitoring your heart rate is because at the right BPM, your workout zone, you can achieve the best results from the exercise. With HRM’s you can immediately tell if you are overexerting yourself or not.

Heart Rate Monitor With Chest Strap and Receiver

The chest strap registers heartbeats and transmits to the receiver in the watch. The watch is very light and therefore convenient to wear.

Digital Heart Rate Monitor

The digital HRM is considered as the most accurate. Athletes prefer this type since they are more particular about their performance levels and demand accuracy.

Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

The strapless HRM is designed for casual monitoring, good enough for fitness buffs who do not have to check their heart rates constantly while exercising. To get a reading, the user places two fingers on the sensors (two metal rings on the watch) from 4 to 12 seconds.

Having learned this, I later decided to go for the Omron HR-100 a top running watch indeed  and was not disappointed at all. With its digital technology, I can get a reliable and accurate reading in an instant. I find it fairly inexpensive and not too sophisticated. Along with the usual alarm, stopwatch, calendar, it also has a mounting bracket to place it on your bike or a treadmill and an extendable belt (up to 98 feet). Both the watch and the chest transmitter are 100 % waterproof, likewise up to 98 feet.

If you don’t want to spend extra money for bells and whistles, the Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor is the top running HRM watch for you. Check it out.

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