404 Sports Watch with GPS: Garmin Forerunner 110

Sports Watch with GPS: Forerunner 110

For a long time I have been searching for a particular top running sports watch with gps for my dailyGarmin Forerunner 110 Heart Rate Monitor workout.  First I need to track the distance of my walk when I exercise in the morning.  Sometimes I take my bike around town and see how far I have gone.  And during these trips, I need to track where I have been. Fortunately, my dad gave me a present on my birthday last month.  It was a Garmin Forerunner 110.  I was ecstatic.

I have experienced other sports watch gps in the past and so far they were too big and bulky.  The features were not too great either, but then I came across this top running  watch model, the forerunner 110 which seemed to have fit my wrist just as perfectly too.  Its a Gps wrist watch that I can use daily at home or at work and it has an alarm too.  The backlight helps me see the numbers even in the dark.  It’s an incredible watch considering that it knows the time whenever I am in different parts of the globe. Automatically, it sets the time when I am in a different country.

Ranked among top running sports watches with gps yet this product is so simple to use.  Just push the button, wait for a minute to link itself to a satellite and presto, it’s on.  When I finish biking, I press the button again and reset the watch.  This stores the data in its memory and if I want to use it again, I can simply retrieve them easily.

My pc recognizes the unit like a USB storage device and so it downloads the data to my computer for analysis.  At this time, the wrist watch gps is automatically charged via USB port. It’s so simple, even a kid can use this.

If you need tracks or maps to know the locations of your run, you can go to the Garmin website and download graphics.  Then you will be able to determine how long it took you to reach your destination.  Furthermore, it calculates the number of calories that one has burned during the event.

And the result is fantastic. By linking the data with Google Earth, your sports watch with gps will be able to see a bird’s eye view of the vicinity where you made the run, including the elevation, the distance and calories that was burned.

Don’t worry if it pours, its completely water proof. You can use it on swimming events and triathlons. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into distance running, jogging, cycling or trekking.

By the way, the software is free.  You can use it to geotag your pictures.  This enables your sports watch with gps to sync the pictures that you had taken with the location where it was shot.  It truly is a top running Gps enabled watch and a fantastic one too. I can’t wait to use it on my next marathon run in Morocco next month.

To sum it up, the sports watch with gps  Garmin Forerunner 110: Unisex; Black is a fantastic gadget to own.

It is truly recommendable.

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